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A Heartfelt Update

It's been quite a while since my last message, and I hope this email finds you in good spirits. Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me lately, and I thought it's about time we catch up.

The loss of my mother hit me hard, and I've been retreating into my cocoon to work through the waves of grief and the stubborn winter blues.

I've armed myself with an impressive arsenal of hot chocolate and a blanket so fuzzy it could double as a small sheep. And guess what? The sun has actually graced us with its presence, reminding me that there's warmth even in the coldest of times.

Can you believe it's been nearly four months since I bid farewell to the Saks Salons chapter? Yes, I've gracefully transitioned from being a salon owner to a daring freelancer. The freelance journey has its charm, but I can't help but reminisce about the cozy corner shop on Moreland Road. It's been an eye-opening experience watching other salon owners do their thing – navigating the intricate dance of business, client interaction, and their unique values.

By the way, in case your hair needs some love and pampering, know that I've not hung up my scissors entirely. I'm freelancing a few days a week, mainly in the Essendon area. Just give me a holler, and I'll make sure your locks get the royal treatment they deserve.

Speaking of keeping busy, work has been my sanctuary, a place to channel my emotions and turn them into something positive. I've been doing a ton of writing, including crafting a guide for freelancers to embrace the solo business world and achieve financial independence. Not stopping there, I've also conjured a guide for salon owners to embrace freelancers, boosting their revenue and bringing life to their unused spaces.

And oh, the memoir – it's my labour of love, an evolving canvas that now holds new hues since my mother's departure. Here's a tiny teaser from its pages:

"In the stillness of the night, beneath a shroud of darkness, a resilient spirit embarked on a daring escape. Whispers of her name lingered in the shadows, a testament to stolen innocence. This is a tale woven with pain, etched in strength, and marked by a spirit determined to reclaim freedom."

I'm aiming to complete this by mid next year, and you will be among the first to revel in its pages.

But let's step back from the pages for a moment and glance toward the horizon. A journey to Turkey awaits me, a pilgrimage of sorts, set to unfold from October 15 to November 12. This isn't just a vacation; it's a promise I've made to my mother. Her dreams were tragically cut short, and now it's my turn to fulfill her wishes and deliver the gifts she had so thoughtfully packed away. I'm eager to gather stories from her siblings and extended family, and I can't wait to share this poignant voyage with you.

And before I sign off, a little trip to Brisbane on Saturday the 12th of August is also on the horizon – a meaningful one, as I'll be heading there with my teenagers, Ela and Ezel, for a special cause. We're taking part in a Fundraiser Event "Walking with Ava" in support of Ava, a talented gymnast who met an unexpected twist during training.

You can learn more about Ava and her journey here:

Stay tuned for snapshots from this heartfelt event.

Let's not let time slip away like sand through our fingers. I'm excited to hear about your own adventures and catch up on life's twists and turns. Feel free to reply to this email, and let's keep the conversation flowing.

Wishing you sunny days and laughter,

With love

Ebru ❤️🌸



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