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“I believe that success shouldn’t come at all costs.

That you can push forward without sending the bank balance backwards”

Consulting Services

Our service starts and ends with you. Your challenges, your business, and your goals. Our four-step strategic platform, coupled with 25 years of customer service & business management expertise, enables Ebru Sak and her team to design market leading solutions.

What We Do









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In the Discovery phase, we will meet to evaluate your current pain points and your vision for the business. The discovery phase allows us to understand your business as it currently sits in the market so that we can design a future with you in mind.

The discovery phase includes the following: 

  • What is the business and the business model

  • Profit & loss analysis

  • Market and customer analysis

  • Social presence, Communications, Marketing & Advertising

  • Products, services and pricing on offer

  • Unveil your personal strengths, weaknesses and previous experience

  • What are your personal non-negotiables

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The Design phase is where we take the discovery information, coupled with your vision and provide detailed written recommendations grounded on insights from Discovery.

  • Exterior design and requirements for shop front

  • Interior design and functionality plan

  • Optimise presence online, website, social channels

  • Branding you and your business

  • Additional service offerings, e.g., Wi-Fi

  • Selecting retail line and professional use products

The Discover & Design phase will be followed up with a face-to-face meeting to go through our findings & recommendations and fine-tune the plan to suit your budget and preference.

Discover & Design Phase Cost $240 p/hour - Estimated 6 - 8 hours

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When you are excited about your new business recommendations from the detailed design, next comes the implementation process. This will include a check list based on requirements established in the discovery and design process.

  • Checklist for tradesmen to work any interior and exterior requirements

  • Checklist of necessary furniture and installation if required 

  • Determine and provide checklist to implement legalities, accounting, software, banking

  • Checklist for signage and stationery if required

  • Checklist and recommendations to implement online presence and social channels

  • Training manual for staff to follow suit with brand values

Cost $240 p/hour - Estimated 4 hours

Optional extra: Co-ordination of full end-to-end service and implementation

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Once implementation is complete, we will revisit to evaluate and refine any improvements that can be made.  We are here to continuously improve your business and provide you with the confidence to take hold of the reigns.

  • On site visit and report for 3 consecutive months

  • Analyse best and most popular service offerings

  • Examine retail products and identify best sellers

  • Analyse and identify opportunities to increase revenue

  • Continuous improvement and optimisation

Cost $240 p/hour - Estimated 4 hours

For a confidential, no strings attached conversation, send us an email here with your contact details and we will contact you as soon as we can.



Small business can be lonely. The rapid changing of technology and how we do business can sometimes be overwhelming to keep up with the fast pace when all we want to do, is do what we love. But we must stay current and up-to-date not just with our skills but everything that represents us. It’s about looking ahead as well as making the right moment-to-moment decisions and dealing intelligently with the unexpected.


It's comforting to have a conversation with someone who has travelled a similar path, made the mistakes, thrived from the learnings and has a world of experience to share with you.

I get YOU.

Whatever your dream, may it become your reality.


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