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​‘If ever there was the perfect gift to empower others - this would be it.’ BERNICE HAWTHORN

About the Book

Nothing is more empowering than to learn from others, people who have been where you are now, and have gone where you are going. And as the world needs more empowered people we brought together a diverse mix of stories shared authentically, that speak of challenges, adversities and successes so you may follow your vision with more conviction and perhaps even avoid a pitfall or two. But most importantly, for you to gain the insight and the motivation that you too, can achieve anything you want. As the saying goes, ‘What would you dare to do, if you knew you could not fail’?


Ebru Sak

Born into and raised within a strict religious and cultural community, she was married off at just 16 years of age to a much older man destined to live a life confined to traditional and hard values. Little did she know that in her early twenties she would stand at a crossroads of risking her life by staying and more so by leaving. She chose the latter. As a single mother at just 21 years in the late 80’s, when other young women were going out partying, Ebru needed to make her own way - and did so. It was not easy, nor did being disowned by her family and community help. Yet Ebru rose to the challenge and went on to launch a world-first make-up product and build a successful beauty business and product range. Then her second marriage unearthed all that again...

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