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Face The World: A Poem For Women

You are a woman. You are a creator. You are a homemaker. You are a caretaker. You are a captivator. You are a soul-shaker. You are a life maker. You are not one… you are many. And yes, you are enough.

You are a woman. You face challenges. Face adversity. Face discrimination. Face discomfort. Face shame. Face imperfections. Face doubt. Face fear. Face loneliness. Face weakness. Face uncertainty. And you face doubt.

You are a woman. It’s time you face certainty. Face strength. Face courage. Face unity. Face confidence. Face acceptance. Face equality. Face freedom. Face love. Face your perfections. Face YOUR beautiful.

You are a woman. It’s time to face NOW. It’s time to face yourself.

With all that you are, all that you were and all that you ever will be, regardless of what you choose to face…


Written by: Sila Sims

Originally published on


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